If you are doing seated massage techniques, it's important to use your body in in such a way that you are able to prevent pressure to your body and make certain that you have a healthy career as a chair massage provider.

Chair Massage expert, Eric Brown, has created eight principles for safe body use that he encourages you incorporate to minimize the wear and tear on your body. This the first of a four part series:

Principle 1: Maintain your spine in a neutral position

The spine needs to be held in a straight position. The curves of the back should not be emphasized or eliminated. By preserving this neutral position, there is minimum strain to the vertebral discs or the ligaments that support your spine. Because we normally have sedentary lifestyles, we often lack the strength and awareness that we need to stabilize the spine in this posture.

For this reason you need to be incredibly cognizant of keeping the trunk in this neutral alignment. This stabilization is critically important and makes it possible for you to transmit your weight nicely into the patient's body.

You really need to lunge when doing most of the massage sexy wedding dresses techniques. If your trunk is aligned in a lunge position, you will note that you are looking down at the floor. This is an unusual position. We have a very instinctive orienting reflex that makes us align our gaze to the horizon. So your reflex tendency will be to lift your gaze and wedding rings mn extend cheap short dresses for homecoming your back in a very upright position to see straight ahead. This takes the back out of a neutral position and causes hyperlordosis in the lumbar popular wedding rings spine. This makes it a lot more tricky to stabilize the low back and causes unneeded stress to the joints of the spine.

It's all-important to fight this instinct and to maintain a very neutral position of the lower back. Initially it will feel surprisingly unnatural. Interestingly enough though, as you bring your focus to your back you'll start to be aware in wedding jewelry a kinesthetic way why this makes sense. At the beginning it will take great effort to maintain this neutral alignment. But over time you'll start to feel more comfortable with the sensation and it will bridal dresses gold coast eventually feel much more natural for you to maintain.

Try this easy exercise you can do to get the feeling for stability in your back in a neutral alignment.

Try this exercise for an aligned spine

With a grounding in ballet, I've been exposed to alternate ways of thinking about the human body and the way it moves through space. Dancers don't know modest wedding dresses much about the body's anatomy so they often communicate movement behaviors using imagery. One image they consistently use, no matter what they are doing, is the image of pushing your feet into the ground. Think about Newton's 3rd law of motion: "Every action has an opposite and equal reaction." The more they push into the floor, the more their spine rises and lengthens.

For this first exercise, stand quietly in one spot with your feet shoulder width separated. As you remain quiet for a second, notice the sensations through your body. Scan your body with your mind's eyes. While you are standing there in a relaxed way, think of pushing into the floor with your feet. Think about attempting to push the floor away from you. As you do this, be aware of what takes place in your body. Recognize how your legs feel as though they become more firm while staying relaxed. Feel your pelvis rotate into an upright position so that it feels like a bowl that softly supports your abdomen. Observe champagne colored cocktail dresses how your spine appears to lengthen without any work and how your body seems to lengthen and get taller around a central axis.

Repeat this several times letting your body relax and then engaging your feet into the ground to really recognize that lengthening sensation.
Eric Brown has been a massage therapist for over 20 years. This massage business expert is currently the director of BodyworkBiz, World Massage Conference, and Relax to the Max, as well as co-founder of Massage Therapy Radio. He has recently released Thermal Palms, a soft alternative to hot stone massage.

Eric Brown
Massage Therapy

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